July 12, 2024

Using React Hook Form with auto-generated API types

Following my post on generating a type-safe API client from your Laravel API, I wanted to share how I then use those auto-generated request types not just for making requests, but also for ensuring my UI forms are valid. For working with forms in React,...


July 9, 2024

Type-safe API calls with Laravel and TypeScript

Working at incident.io, I’ve really come to appreciate our auto-generated API client. Whenever we make changes to our API, we do so by making a change to the API spec (in Go), which is used to generate an OpenAPI spec, which in turn is used to generate...


June 28, 2024

Handling null bytes in JSON payloads with postgres

Throughout this post, I'll refer to UTF-8 codepoints, null bytes, and escape sequences. Here's what they mean: A null byte is a byte representing nothingness. If you're inserting a null byte in code, you'll likely write \u0000, or...


October 6, 2022

Why we wrote a Kubernetes operator to generate random strings

Earlier this week, I attended KubeHuddle in Edinburgh. Conferences always provide motivation through all the ideas you develop from conversations with people. In talking to various platform engineers at product companies, we realised that we need to...


Automatically securing white-label sites with TLS using cert-manager cover image

July 15, 2022

Automatically securing white-label sites with TLS using cert-manager

This article assumes working knowledge of Kubernetes basics like the Ingress object and annotations. Back in 2019, we launched a new offering for our customers - a “job list”. Quite literally a list of jobs for your company. It’s...


Simplifying containers with Laravel Octane cover image

July 8, 2022

Simplifying containers with Laravel Octane

Containers are all the rage these days, but containerising PHP applications has always felt a bit… clunky. In the past, it’s been a choice between complex networking but efficient resource use (nginx + fpm), or idiomatic containerisation and resource...


July 15, 2023

Improving type safety with real custom scalars in TypeScript

TypeScript’s type system is a bit loose, largely because it eventually has to compile down to JavaScript. One of the big limitations with its type system is that custom scalar types only act as...


May 4, 2023

How I expose local sites with a self-hosted tunnel

Recently, I've been working on slackbot side projects (Decisionlog and Summarizer). Being Slackbots, they need to be able to receive requests from Slack. So, in order to develop them, I need to be...


March 19, 2023

Progressive permissions for Slack apps

With Slack's deprecation of its legacy Workspace Apps, the ability to interactively request further permissions was lost. However, you can still request an extend permission scope using your own...


November 2, 2022

Join the modern era - deploy every day

When I hear someone say “we don’t release on Fridays so developers don’t have to work late”, I shudder. If you won’t release on a Friday, I’m guessing you’re not releasing one change at...


October 18, 2022

You don’t need breaking changes

If you take a look at the API versions (which denote breaking changes) in the Stripe API upgrades documentation, you’ll see something remarkable – between August 2020 and August 2022, Stripe made...


September 7, 2022

Where's that domain managed from again?

If you manage a bunch of domains, you might have them across different registrars (supporting different TLDs) and different nameservers. To figure out the DNS provider you're managing a domain with...