May 1, 2016

Laravel Spark: A Crash Course

Introduction to Spark Spark Up What You Have The Spark Philosophy A Closer Look at the Innards of Spark Making Spark Your Own Update (2017-05-12): I no longer endorse Spark to quite the same...


November 19, 2015

PHP Arrays and Strings: Naughty Merge

Note: I'm working in Laravel, so I will be referring to collections. However, the benchmark itself was done in pure PHP. Just a couple hours ago, I was in the following scenario: I want to allow...


October 9, 2015

Multi-tenancy in Laravel Spark

For those that aren't aware, Laravel Spark is a boilerplate for business-oriented SaaS applications, complete with two-factor authentication, subscription payments and teams. Something that is of...


October 2, 2015

Painless Email Testing

For many applications that you build, there is always email involved. Often, this comes in the form of password resets and user verification. However, a recurring question is always "how do you test...